Figurative Paintings

Figurative Paintings -banknotes and coins

The  figurative paintings and banknotes are characterized by strong chromatic effect and they can sometimes each a thickness of 3cm,because they can be painted several times,so they can have more coats.The representations are the different countries currency: from the American Dollars , to the Pesos, from Euro to any representations. The unicity of the paintings, over a

t the colours variety and sizes,is this , the money,represent for us, to the detriment of etics, spirituals of conceptuals values, subdued them into the money. In the end everything has its own meaning. It represent the contemporaneity we are living here.

Figurative Paintings – Portraits

Bellini Cristian represent the contemporarypersonalities in his portraits with a cromatic effect, that make them timeless at first glance. The black and white make the works sensational: the lack of  colours rising our curiosity and lead us to the search of details typical of characters we meet in every-day life: the playboy, the girlfriend. After that  the reason running his course , that will bring in the painting’s title. On  the one hand the use of black and white the make paintings timeless and  leads us far from the present moment, to the contemporary though the representation of details typical of the most common prototyped characters we meet in our society .