Cristian Bellini continues the family tradition and he has realized several personal exhibitions that brought him to the States.  CrisDesign prefers unusual places, and representing them in an equally unusual way.  They are abstract worlds, always suspended between possible and impossible, as it is right to be, being the task of art to make possible everything generally considered impossible.  His works are the interpretation of an impossible world that creative art transforms in possible, and where peace, looked at by everyone, becomes concrete in an unreal world, and in a cold and warm moment, during the sunset.

Rosetta Savelli, creative writer, Juliet Art Magazine.


Cristian Bellini,aka CrisDesign, born in Rimini, keeps on the tradition of his father,an artist too, Raffaele Bellini. His creative microcosm is made up of an abstract vision of reality, whose character is a lively and decisive pictorial swirling, incisive and pasty. The content, that sometimes reaches a figurative from pop taste, is never trivial, rather distinguished by a visionary eclecticism. unusual references are intended to an outside dual world, idyllic and solitary, representing interior landscapes, ferocious and mechanistic, pop taste, that belongs to monetary market logics. It would be absurd to categorize in loins and streams an artist like Cristian Bellini,his poetry is pure eclecticism of a contemporary age that amplifies the condition of life of the modern man, and before the artist as bard, in the loneliness of a global world, in which an interior place represents the only salvation, an intimistic nucleus where to find refuge, or to find ourselves. the artistic commodification of a symbolic banknote, becomes iconic of many contemporary diseases; the artist loads it with ironic and irreverent meanings, making it painterly material, he exorcizes it by transforming it in a multidimensional box of bad habits, almost always satisfied. The art of CrisDesign is ongoing creative tension, between technical discipline, irreverent contents, refuge in an unusual personal microcosm, eclectic and visionary.

Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, History and Art criticist.


His attitude for the drawing, including all art expressions, is carried fonward  the years in an intimistic way, free from any demonstrative intention, concentrating himself most of all on painting, his real passion. The Artist is concentrated on iconography, keeps alive moments of intensively lived life, vibrating of energy, impressed not only in his eyes, but even in the unconscious soul. His art search, is evolving following figurative and informal experimentation, relating to an independent, autonomous painter production, always ongoing, that gives substance and shape to an overflowing reality, full of glowing and vivid colours,together with conceptual art.

Azzurra  Immediato  (historical and art criticist)